Dairy & Plant Proteins

Proteins essential for a person's body and needs a balance of all amino acids to function correctly. A complete protein source can come animal and plant protein. The use of alternative proteins offers a perfect solution to a more sustainable food production system. Customers are ready to embrace this trend, but will only do so if taste, texture and health remain uncompromised. We can meet their expectations!

Fermentation & Probiotics

Understanding the diversity and functions of microorganisms is essential for improving your food or other products influencing human health. And use of new strains or other formulations can increase the shelf life and/or safety of the food products or reduce costs of the production process. Optimizing these processing conditions can lead to a significant cost reduction.

Health Benefits

With NIZO’s nutritional research we are able to support qualifying your health claims such as investigating resistance to infection, microbes & health and digestion and gut comfort.

Process optimisation and pilot plant manufacturing

Are you optimizing existing processes, designing new production processes or looking for alternative applications for product waste streams? We can assist you with practical solutions, applying our extensive knowledge on proces-product interactions. We offer an extensive pilot facility, covering upstream and downstream processing.

Analytical Services

Analytical services Analytics are crucial for objective decision making in Research and Development, for instance for product improvements, claim substantiation, establishing shelf-life or for batch release. NIZO is known for contract research and manufacturing. For this we use a broad range of validated chemical, texture, health and microbiological analyses that run under carefully controlled conditions. NIZO is specialized in setting up dedicated methodologies, validating these and if desired these can be implemented at your facility. Our strength lies in performing these analyses in the complex and variable matrix of foods and supporting you with the interpretation of the results in a broader context. Analytics are a crucial part of research projects, but we offer most analysis separately as well.