For many decades, NIZO has worked on safety and quality related problems in foods (dairy and non-dairy). We are now starting a consortium on Plant based proteins in foods – risk assessment and prevention of outgrowth of pathogens and spoilage organism to ensure microbial safety and quality

New formulations with plant based proteins are known to bring new challenges with respect to food safety and quality. This project aims to assess the risks of  major contaminants in plant based proteins as used in different food product categories. Furthermore to reduce microbial contaminants that are relevant to different food product categories and develop generic strategies to prevent undesirable microbial outgrowth. This project is accepted and will now be developed towards a full proposal. Next to NIZO, led by Marjon Wells-Bennik, this project will be supported by the WU and HAS Den Bosch in combination with 2 food companies. There is still possibility to participate in this research, if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Nel Zoon, CSO at NIZO.

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