Beluister de podcast: Nieuw leven voor A2 melk?


De Redactie van VMT sprak met NIZO over “Nieuw leven voor A2-melk? Onderzoek naar analyse, processing en gezondheidsvoordelen komt op stoom”. Beluister het gesprek dat de redactie van VMT onlangs had met Lex Oosterveld, Project Teamleader Food en Raymond Kievit, Business Development Manager Dairy Infant Care & Clinical.

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NIZO contributes to the development of a COVID-19 detection test


ViroTact is developing a unique, quick and affordable test (ViroTact© - CoviTact©) to detect infection by COVID-19 by detecting the presence of an essential virus-encoded protease in a patient sample.

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NIZO speeds your route to market


NIZO helps you accelerate your path to market for new food innovations through extensive production process upscaling support and expert contract manufacturing. Through a unique combination of production process and food expertise – plus Europe’s largest independent food-grade pilot plant – we offer fast, cost-effective process development, optimisation and upscaling plus contract manufacturing for early market entry.

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Els de Hoog takes part in FoodNavigator webinar ‘Rethinking Reformulation: Balancing Health with Flavour and Aroma ‘


We are proud to announce that Els de Hoog PhD, Senior Project Manager Food Division at NIZO, will take part in the FoodNavigator webinar ‘Rethinking Reformulation: Balancing Health with Flavour and Aroma’.

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NIZO food grade pilot plant is OPEN: Secure your business now!


The NIZO food grade pilot plant for a stable supply of key ingredients is open! Measures have been taken to work safely, also during these challenging times. Our equipment is up and running and our scientists and operators are stand-by. Let us help you to secure your business now. 

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NIZO consortium paper on controlling bacterial spores in dairy powders


NIZO is proud to announce that the publication of NIZO's experts Robyn Eijlander and Marjon Wells-Bennik reached the top 10% of most downloaded papers in the International Journal of Dairy Technology.

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