Substantiating the health benefits of food ingredients


Read our blog and find our why our Human Challenge Models can be used as an alternative to food clinical trials for substantiating the health benefits of food ingredients.

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Replacing sugar with naturally occurring aromas in flavoured drinks


Sweetness enhancement using naturally occurring aromas is a promising way of reducing the sugar content of flavoured beverages while maintaining taste. Research at NIZO suggests that the ability of consumers to differentiate between taste and aroma is limited, and that aromas can be used to produce long-lasting sweetness-enhancing effects.

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Overcoming the challenges in plant based proteins


Read this interesting blog about "Overcoming the challenges in plant based proteins" in Dairy Foods Magazine, written by our own Division Manager Food  René Floris' .

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How to better control undesirable microbes in the food industry


How to tackle undesirable microbes in foods, in particular bacterial spores?

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Protein, from source to digestibility: important for healthy ageing


The biggest challenge is developing high-protein applications with the right properties (structure, texture, flavour, digestibility) without increasing the food product’s carbon footprint.    

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Developing flavours and products using fermentation


Knowing that the final products of both coffee and cacao are the result of fermentation seems like basic information. However, most consumers are not aware that the final product is a result of natural fermentation, which is essential to final flavour formation.

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